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ABout me

A Visual Designer by trade, at my core I am a problem-solver, a storyteller, and someone with a deep love for creating.


My passion for making things stems from my passion for learning. I’m always eager to broaden my knowledge to bring an idea to life. I thrive in an environment that challenges me and, being a designer, I'm never in short supply.


Based out of Central Wisconsin, I enjoy traveling, attending concerts, and woodworking when snow isn't keeping me inside. When it is, you'll catch me writing, drawing, streaming video games for my friends, or napping with my two cats.


I have experience designing and building assets for web, mobile, print, and broadcast video. I've worked on and executed many brand-development projects, both in-house and freelance. In addition to 5 years of design experience, I have 3 years of experience with frontend web development and UX. As an illustrator, I've produced corporate, medical, and freelance illustration and recently I've had the opportunity to storyboard several commercials.

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