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Total rebrand

I was approached by the Marathon County Beekeepers Association to help them develop an entirely new identity to be used on their website, print materials, and merchandising for the national conference they'd host locally in 2024. Wanting to reach a younger audience and broaden their member base, we aimed to create something fun and approachable for young adults interested in beekeeping. 

Unfortunately, as the conference approached and budgeting became a concern, the scope shifted in a different direction and the project was postponed indefinitely. Still, this became one of my favorite freelance projects I've had the chance to work on. 

Logo Development

Because this logo was going to be used on everything from t-shirts, to letterhead, to engraved equipment, we wanted something versatile but easily recognized in every form.
The primary logo mark consists of the Marathon "M" formed by a bee and drops of honey. A honeycomb-inspired shape serves as a visual motif, and can easily be converted into stickers or patches, and can be translated onto both circular and square materials such as coasters.
I added a simple animation to the primary logo to both catch the end-user’s eye and lean further into the playful nature of the logomark.


Web Development

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